OverClocked ReMix - The most popular video game arrangement hub on the internet, and the "home base" for this project. Many of the musicians involved in Summoning of Spirits call OC ReMix their online home, and with over a thousand video game arrangements, a huge community, and many projects similar to this one, it's easy to see why.

VGMix - Many of the musicians that are a part of Summoning of Spirits also have their work available at VGMix. Submission is open, and new songs are uploaded almost every day.

Dwelling of Duels - DoD is a monthly game arrangement competion, requiring each submission to contain at least one live instrument. A number of contributors to Summoning of Spirits are also regular entrants into this contest.

OneUp Studios - Video game arrangement album publishers. You can find work by several of the remixers involved with this project on the albums available there.

People's ReMix Competion/Original ReMix Competition - OverClocked ReMix's unofficial video game remix competitions. A number of musicians on the Summoning of Spirits project are regularly involved with the PRC.

Namco Tales Official Site - The official site of the Namco Tales series.  Also home to a large community forum, which covers all of the games in the series.