Real Name: Kyle Crouse Website:
Bio: Kyle has very little musical talent. He is, however, quite adept at listening to music. To keep his music-listening abilities sharp and focused, he devised an internet webcast called Nitro Game Injection, which has been broadcasted over 100 times over the past 5 years. The show is currently on hiatus, but Kyle still listens to music daily. He probably listens to more music than you do. When not listening to music, Kyle is usually playing racing games. In reality, he hates most RPGs for their repetitive nature and slow battle systems, but the Tales series has appealed to him because it eschews the genre's battle system conventions, not to mention that they have great soundtracks. Thus, Summoning of Spirits was born.  
Real Name: Aleah Baker Website:
Bio:Aleah has been playing video games since about the age of five and still has her old brick-sized GameBoy, though covered in stickers and missing its battery cover. Aside from gaming she enjoys drawing, photography, music, and chasing after distractions outdoors. She studied various forms of art at Penny Lewis Bogner's Tree House Canada art studio and had her first gallery showing in November of 2007. She also took clarinet in high school, did well in improvisation and promptly forgot almost everything she learned. Despite this she still attempts to dabble in music, though as it turns out it's easier to become a project director and boss around those with real talent instead. On the other hand, the project took longer than anticipated, and over its course she went from girlfriend to fiancée to wife. As much of the unique Tales series has largely flown under the radar outside of Japan, she is delighted to have had so many lend their talents to Summoning of Spirits.  
Real Name: Andrew Luers Website:
Bio: Andrew Luers is a Minnesota-based web designer with seven years of professional experience. He also has a strong passion for video game music, art, and BBQ. His favorite color is blue.  
Real Name: Sebastian Freij Website:
Bio: Sebastian was born 1987 and have from the start been involved in music.
With his father as an educationalist in classical music, he got started early and played the cello.
With the years past he found it more easy to pitch music than read it. But as a member in a youth orchestra in several years, it was important to be able to read the notes. With 3 years at “Holavedsgymnasiet” located in Tranås, he learned skills in theater, sound engineering, and dance. There he also began remixing video game music, which is his greatest interest.
andy jayne  
Real Name: Andy Jayne  
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Anthony Lofton  
Real Name: Anthony Lofton Website:
Bio: Anthony Lofton is a solid jazz saxophonist/keyboard player whose style falls on the Urban Smooth, R&B-ish, and pop side of jazz. His music style is heavily influenced by musicians such as, Grover Washington Jr., Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Paul Taylor, Kenny G., and Boney James. He is a true entertainer, consistent perfectionist, and can always be relied upon to put on a show that the audience loves.  
Real Name: Christophe Blondel Website:
Bio: Christophe Blondel (a.k.a. CarboHydroM) is a lazy and sleepy guitarist from Marseilles, France, who desperately tries to make a living by fixing servers, and sometimes their users as well. Deep inside though, his greatest desire is to produce more music. Since 2004 with the release of "The Imprisoning War" on VGMix and "Fight On" a bit later on OCR, he strives on to deliver home-made rock interpretations of some of the video game tunes he liked, while releasing original works in the same style under the obscure pseudonym of "Melocloud". A notable fact about him is that, for some reason, he seems to only like collaborating with Brazilian people.  
Christian Pacaud  
Real Name: Christian Pacaud Website:
Bio: Christian Pacaud has been composing music since around 1996. Since then, he has worked (and in some cases, still working) with many virtual teams on projects like Shadows of Winter and Denizens of the Night (two modifications for GPG's Dungeon Siege), Terra Alterna (a tactical rpg/strategy hybrid), Sigma Triad (an online sci-fi strategy game), Return to Mana (an epic modification for Valve's Half-Life 2) and many others. Christian tries to incorporate all of his influences, which are pretty diverse, in his music, ranging from progressive rock, post-rock and jazz electronica to 20th century classical music. His weapon of choice is the bass guitar, though he also plays tuba, contrabass and guitar.  
Christian Pacaud  
Real Name: Javier Gonzalez Garces Website:
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Real Name: David Hsu Website:
Bio: Dhsu (David Hsu) has been playing piano since he was 5 and video games for almost as long. Specializing in solo piano arrangements, David has been an active member of the OverClocked ReMix, VGMix, Anime Remix, and OneUp Studios communities. He has also contributed to various other arrangement projects such as Kong in Concert, Bound Together and Voices of the Lifestream.

Because he's just that cool.
Real Name: David W. Lloyd Website:
Bio: David W. Lloyd is a software engineer, musician, producer, and graphic designer residing in the Metro/DC area of the United States. He is the president and founder of OverClocked ReMix, and has popularized unofficial arrangements of video game music by encouraging fans to submit mixes to the website. Mr. Lloyd has composed and produced numerous such arrangements himself, in addition to original compositions available on his personal website. He has appeared alongside industry professionals such as Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall at game music events, and has been interviewed by Salon, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and others for his work with the site. David also runs an associated record label, OverClocked Records, to help promote the original and arranged music of artists involved in gaming and computer culture.  
Real Name: Cain McCormack Website:
Bio: Cain McCormack is an eighteen year-old electric guitarist and remixer from Berkhampsted, United Kingdom. Having played his instrument for about five years already, he found OC ReMix in mid-2006 and began seriously approaching music production as a hobby. Although relatively new to the community, Cain has been getting involved with several of OCR's site projects, engaging in many collaborations, and even ended up laying down some guitar for a track on zircon's latest album, Antigravity . His major influences include Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Muse. This year, Cain will be going on to Surrey University to pursue a degree in Music and Sound Recording.  
hale bopp  
Real Name: David R. Clark Website:
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Real Name: Chris Roman Website:
Bio: Chris Roman of Yorba Linda, California has been writing music since 2003. Rather than listening to popular artists on the radio during his adolescence, he turned towards film scores. He writes in a variety of styles, including but not limited to orchestral, jazz, rock, and electronic genres. Chris is a music major at Fullerton College, and has received a certificate in Recording Studio Production/Electronic Music. He hopes to be able to transfer to California State Long Beach where he plans to major in music composition with a focus in film scoring. Arranging video game music has allowed him to hear the source material as he has always wanted: in nearly live symphonic form!  
Real Name: Starla Website:
Bio: Starla, also known as Injury, began writing music in 2000 in an attempt to pay homage to Mega Man music via remixing. Primary tools used are Fruity Loops, Cubase, Vocals, and a number of VST instruments and effects including V-Station, Nexus and Auto-tune. Currently she hosts one hour compos( with a primary focus on having fun and learning to expand and grow your musical talent. The compo schedule is currently on-demand, so feel free to drop an email or come by #ocremix on Her personal webpage with more music is located at, although it hasn't been updated in a while she is still passionate about working with and growing musically.  
Jazon Phantoms  
Real Name: Jazon Phantoms  
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
the joker  
Real Name: David L. Puga Website:
Bio: David L. Puga is somewhat of an enigma wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in bacon, & then wrapped again in an enigma. When he was young he always heard music in his head place (mind outta the gutters), but never knew how to get them out of there. For you see, they were trapped. When he was older, around 15, he began dabbling in guitar, but only learned basic bar chords, the strings made his hands bleed. They brought home the bacon, & he was having none of that. As time progressed, I... I mean he learned of programming music, & synthesis, & big orchestral samples. Finally he could bring the epicness & the majestic beauty, or in some cases the meh, that he had always heard in his head to real life, making original compositions, remixes & video game arrangements, oh my! It was at this point in which he told the Blue Fairy to top that, or gtfo.  
Real Name: Unknown  
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Real Name: Luiza Carvalho Website:
Bio: Luiza S. Carvalho has been playing guitar and bass for six years, and remixing video game music for over four. Though her first song took two years to complete, she has since become an overnight hit in the OC ReMix community after the posting of her Dwelling of Duels first-place entry, "Fire Cross." Luiza's style - which combines rock, metal, punk, and ska - is influenced primarily by The Suicide Machines, along with Span, Joe Satriani, Evergreen Terrace, and the earlier works of Hoobastank.  
Real Name: Justin Quesenberry Website:
Bio:"I started playing guitar around 1998 after becoming a massive Iron Maiden fan.. Though I'd always loves game music, it wasn't until 2002 that I discovered this community. I found myself inspired by goat, virt, and many others. I did a couple arrangements in '04 but didn't really start having fun until I first entered Dwelling of Duels in early '05. I usually focus my efforts on somewhat lesser known games, but I've been known to be persuaded with food and take requests! It may not be one of the biggest RPG series, but I find that the Tales series fits into my niche quite well. Motoi Sakuraba has been one of my favorite composers for almost as long as I can remember, so I was honored to join this amazing collaboration!"  
Real Name: Katie Kinkel  
Bio: Monobrow is a moniker Katie Kinkel goes by in and around online video game community. Katie's been interested in music since she was a small child, but only recently got into making her own, or at least arranging other people's works. This was mostly spurred into motion when she discovered OCReMix in early 2001, where she much later figured out how to use music software to make cool phat robo beatz. When she's not making crazu music, Katie is into physical activities such as hiking. Her biggest passion in life is drawing however, which brought her to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta towards a degree in Media Arts and Animation. Most of all though, Katie enjoys living life and having fun, the end.  
mythril nazgul  
Real Name: Navid Azeez  
Bio: Navid Azeez took one year of piano when he was in first grade. He promptly forgot everything. He has been composing digital music in some form for a bit more than four years. He has no plans to stop.  
Real Name: Justin Medford Website:
Bio:"I've been involved in music for about 16 years. I started creating music based off of video game tunes (or at least trying to) about 10 years ago by plugging my tape recorder into a cheap synth keyboard and recording covers/personal renditions of my favorite themes. Some of my earliest inspirations were game tunes by Nobuo Uematsu and Hiroki Kikuta - especially Final Fantasy IV and Secret of Mana. I've played the alto saxophone for about 11 years, both in high school and college. In the Fall of 2006 I took up music much more seriously and began learning the ins and outs of music arrangement and production. My music is created in FL Studio 8 and post processing is done in Sound Forge."  
nick tam  
Real Name: Nicholas Tam Website:
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Real Name: Scott Porter Website:
Bio:"I've been making songs since 2001. I'm currently a high school graduate with absolutely nothing to do. I haven't really gone professional yet (read: never got paid for my music). I can play the piano, accordion, autoharp, recorder, and other really stupid instruments. I am also a vintage keyboard enthusiast. I like every kind of music and wish I could make it all! I try to branch out as often as I can.
The game that got me into VG music was Sonic The Hedgehog, my very first videogame. I was 4 years old then. I've had the Sonic theme song spinning in my head ever since! Currently, my favorite games are Toejam and Earl, Deus Ex, Starsiege, Metroid 2, the Half-Life series, and billions of other ones that haven't crossed my mind yet. I accepted to do the Summoning of Spirits project because Tales of Phantasia was the only RPG that I actually liked, abandoning the tiresome menu-driven battle system and focusing more on action and realtime strategy. Of course I love this, I mean, check out my aforementioned favorite games. Yay, violence!"
Bio: Paragon is a psychology graduate and grocery store cashier from upstate New York. In his spare time, he plays guitar and makes music, mainly focusing on arrangements of songs from video games. Musically, his favorite band and main influence is Opeth, and other likes include Amorphis, Days of the New, The Gathering, Orphaned Land, and Within Temptation.

Favorite games include Fallout 2, Final Fantasy 3/6, Disgaea, Super Metroid, and Secret of Mana.
Real Name: Amanda Medford Website:
Bio: Amanda Medford is Nutritious' wife, and collaborated with him on "No Better Time Than Now". She performed backup vocals throughout the track. She's been incredibly supportive of his music and is, in Nutritious' words, "a blast to collaborate with on different projects." She's played the piano for 9 years and has been singing (in college and church) for about 8 years.  
Real Name: Pascal Jette Website:
Bio:"Born the 6th April of 1983, I grew up listening mostly to NES midis. This might sound cliché, but it is true; since my mother did not listen to much music, I wasn’t exposed to the classics (Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.) as a kid. Therefore, I would listen to Final Fantasy or Mega Man 2, looping the songs I liked (Dr Wily Stage 1) ad nauseam.
I got my first keyboard when I was 8 (a cheap Casio thing, although the demo song was genius) and began taking piano lessons. Since the internet didn’t exist at that time, I could not find sheet music for my video game tunes and my teacher was not too keen on my learning these beeps and bloops. I did not like learning music at that time and did it mostly to please my parents. That was until my piano teacher made the mistake to teach me the blues scale. After that, I began improvising on that scale and played on my own for the sheer pleasure of it.
I met Plear (a very talented guitarist, whom you may come to know soon) when I was 12 and he made me discover more guitar-centric bands such as Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. This was my first contact with Rock’n Roll and I could not stop listening to it. So I bought a guitar and taught myself the Blues scale and began to improvise. That was when I discovered prog metal and became fascinated with odd time signatures. I began composing my own songs while experimenting with these and, needless to say, they were over-complicated and not very good. I made two albums at my small home studio at that time: Eclectic Method and, some may have heard of it, Angel One.
Now I am a software engineer at Ubisoft Montreal and I engineer software. I don’t have much time for music anymore, but I hope to make some more originals and remixes in the near future. As the project moderators will tell you, I am very undisciplined and unreliable. The music I listen to most now is the work of the genial Yuki Kajiura, for whom I am contemplating the idea of doing a tribute album."
Real Name: Ari Asulin Website:
Bio: Ari Asulin is a graduate of Arizona State University and the head instructor of the ASU Hwa Rang Do Martial Arts Club. Ari enjoys composing music, programming, web development, as well as hiking, biking, and gaming. He has been involved in hobbyist music since 2001.  
the prophet of mephisto  
Real Name: Bradley Burr Website:
Bio:"My name is Bradley Burr, and I've been remixing for about six years now. Besides being one of the most rejected mixers on OCR, (13 and counting!) I also am pursuing my graduate degree in Saxophone Performance at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. I play Ultimate Frisbee on my college team, and I also build custom computers in my spare time. I married my college sweetheart in July of 2008, and I really like the Wheel of Time books. If you haven't yet, don't forget to check out my last project, Thieves of Fate. it's based on the music of Radical Dreamers. I hope you enjoy my contribution to this project!"  
pu freak  
Real Name: Pieter van Os Website:
Bio: Pieter van Os (a.k.a. pu_freak) is a pianist from Vught, The Netherlands. He has been playing the piano from about his fifth age, but only recently started to work on ReMixes when he discovered OC ReMix. With his Roland KR-107 electronic piano, he is now making piano ReMixes for several project albums in the OCR community, like Portrait of a Plumber and The Missingo Tracks, as well as making some solo mixes and participating in the Dwelling of Duels remix competition now and then.  
Reuben Kee  
Real Name: Reuben Kee Website:
Bio:"How can I make the world a better place? Music provides comfort in times of sadness, loneliness or despair, it inspires us to expect more of ourselves, it calms us down. If I could make that song that helped a person in any of these ways, I feel that I have succeeded in some small way."

Reuben Kee unfortunately lost his life in a dragonboat racing accident during the production of Summoning of Spirits, but graced it with his presence providing a song that succeeded in every way. Thank you, Reu.
Real Name: Bev Wooff Website:
Bio:"My name is Bev Wooff, I'm currently 22 years old and I live in the north of England. I've been involved in creating music since childhood and see it as a big passion of mine today. I took it as far as a degree from the University of Liverpool, in which I became an IT major and Music Technology minor in 2007. In terms of videogames, everything kicked off with Sonic the Hedgehog and a lot of similar titles; ironically, seeking for information regarding Sonic Crackers was how I stumbled upon OverClocked Remix in the first place. Other credits to my name there are 2 remixes, some contributions to Project Chaos and hosting the People's Remix Competition for over 2 years. My online nickname is practically a feminine variant on an obscure Crash Bandicoot character (the baby T-Rex in the third game), another videogame series I'm passionate about. Other hobbies outside gaming and music include art, water sports, Japanese puzzles, and looking up random topics on Wikipedia."  
red tailed fox  
Real Name: Caio Moraes Ferreira Website:
Bio: Caio Moraes is a nineteen year-old amateur arranger currently residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is presently studying History at the university level, and plans to obtain his masters degree in Eighteenth Century Historiography. In his spare time, Caio enjoys reading, playing video games, and arranging game music. His influences range from Tom Jobim to Terry Pratchett, but he is also a profound admirer of the music in the Mystical Ninja / Ganbare Goemon series.  
Real Name: Unknown  
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
sir nuts  
Real Name: Michael Molina Website:
Bio: Michael Molina was born on October 11th, 1982 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Without any previous musical theory/practice knowledge, Sir NutS got interested in making his own music in 1999, when he started using PropellerHead's Rebirth. Later in early 2001, he found the OverClocked ReMix community, and there he discovered a chance to enjoy all of his favorite videogame music, as well as giving his own twist on it, and improve his music arranging/sound processing skills. Armed with FruityLoops 2.7, Sir NutS started the long road to learn about music arrangement. Having a preference for trance, house, and latin music, with heavy influences from different artists spanning many genres, S|r_nutS has been refining his sound to get a mix of genres that sound unique and familiar at the same time. Some of his inspirations include DJ Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, DJ Sammy, Infected Mushrooms, Dave Seaman, Daft Punk, Sasha, Rank 1, as well as a mix latin rhythms such as Juan Luis Guerra, latin jazz from Michael Camilo, and the Buena Vista Social Club.

Advancing in his techniques as well as his capability to handle digital composition, Sir_NutS currently uses tools such as FruityLoops 5, Reason 2.5, CoolEdit, as well as a broad range of Virtual Instruments(VSTIs). Although most of the knowledge obtained by S|r_NutS has been self-taught, he has recieved a good hand from his friends(Ghetto Lee Lewis, Prophecy) as well as the feedback recieved from his listeners.
sixto sounds  
Real Name: Juan P. Medrano Website:
Bio: Juan P. Medrano has possessed a love for music since an early age. From playing along to songs on the radio with a toy keyboard he got one Christmas, to taking violin classes in the 2nd grade, to picking up the guitar in middle school, it has always been a part of his life. Juan has recorded guitar for several independently released CDs, radio commercials, and video projects - all while still in high school. Bands have come and gone, but his passion for recording has persevered. Juan invested in a home recording studio in his native Fort Worth, Texas, where he produced an album for a close friend, as well as his band's first release. He joined the remixing scene in late 2005 with his Castlevania remix "Wicked Six," and has since remained involved in the community with his contributions to the Summoning of Spirits and Voices of the Lifestream projects. Juan's primary influences include guitar virtuosos such as Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Johnson, and heavy bands like Dream Theater, Metallica, and Pantera.  
Real Name: Philip Schwan Website:
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Real Name: Daniel Lippert Website:
Bio:"At a very young age I already began to take interest and enthusiasm in music, especially in classical and instrumental music, but also for the background musics from video games, mainly from the Nintendo Game Boy back then. At the tender age of eight I already got my very first MIDI keyboard and utilized our old Atari ST to sequence music for it. At that time, I was pretty unexperienced when it came to composition and harmony theory, but I made my first experiences at music this way.

"Nowadays, I study Audio Engineer at the SAE Institute in Zürich, use a Yamaha PSR-3000 keyboard which has far superior sounds in comparison with all the keyboards and synthesizers I had before, and came a lot closer to fulfilling my dream of composing my own functional instrumental musics for commercial productions. I already composed some musics for a game by a Norwegian company and still work together with the developer of the game. In addition, I recently began to not only "polish up" game musics, but to arrange them in totally different styles and showcase them on and also where users give me very helpful comments and advice regarding the musics I published there. I also made some promising relationships at the SAE and stay open for new things that may come in the future."
Real Name: Matt Sabol Website:
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Real Name: Mark Hall Website:
Bio: It's a secret to everybody.  
Special thanks to herograw, Fusion2004, Suzumebachi, and BLueBeRRyKiWi for providing download mirrors.