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Track: Source: ReMixed by:  
The Unholy Wars Fighting of the Spirit Sixto Sounds, Dhsu
Crisis Healing Salve Mint Hemophiliac, Christian Pacaud
The Koan of Drums Desolate Road djpretzel
Airborne Aviators Dhsu
Arche Angel Arche The Joker
Chronometrical Stream of Time The Joker
Setting Sail Hydropolis TheDeath
Mirror Image Mysterious Japon the prophet of mephisto, Fishy
Frozen Heart Biting Cold Sir NutS, Usa
Momentary Harmonious Moment Kureejii Lea, The Joker
Gentry Is a Five-Letter Word Euclid Rexy
Wind Dry My Tears Sylph XMark


Track: Source: ReMixed by:
Beyond Absentminded Be Absentminded Hale-Bopp
Summoned Without Reason The Second Act Sixto Sounds
Middle-Aselia Biology Forest of the Treant Rexy
Cold Memory Freeze The Joker
Simplified Design Take Up The Cross PriZm
Just Go Go A Step Further Nutritious, Fishy
City of Vigor Vigorous Town pu_freak
New Technology Abyss of Thor OverCoat
Horizon's Walk Final Act Tepid, PriZm
Riddles in the Dark Morlia Gallery Red Tailed Fox, Xaleph
as time goes on As Time Goes On the prophet of mephisto
Diety Martel Sir NutS
Sweet Dreams The Dream Will Not Die Dhsu, Anthony Lofton


Derris-Kharlan - music inspired by Tales of Symphonia
Track: Source: ReMixed by:
Tales & Trials Tales of Symphonia Hemophiliac
This Fate Kratos Christian Pacaud
Smile and Forgive Colette Jazon Phantoms
Cafe Mantra Anchoret Red Tailed Fox
Chaotic Heart Raine Sixto Sounds
Desert Nights Desert Flower Usa
Strike of the Devil's Axes Fatalize LuIzA , CarboHydroM
Pain Withstanding Standing with the Pain Monobrow
Determination Sheena JustChris
Ain't Yo' Fool (Stay Cool) Zelos Mythril Nazgul
Antegenesis Beat the Angel Christian Pacaud
The Fall of Iselia Old Familiar Scent of Iselia Usa , TheDeath


Track: Source: ReMixed by:
Disillusioned Fate Derris-Kharlan Andy Jayne, PriZm
Continental Divide Dry Trail Nick Tam
Like a Glint Like a glint of light Master Hatchet
Cartesian Warfare The End of a Thought Paragon
Sacred Ashes Deepest Woods Kureejii Lea, The Joker
Altar Perception Search a Seal Monobrow, Protricity, AeroZ, injury
Dream Traveler Presea Rexy
My Secret Forest Forest of the Treant Reuben Kee
On the Edge Keen-Edged Blade silas
Apogee Last Battle ~Decision~ Andy Jayne, The Joker, Fishy
Dark Corner It Can Waver and Fight Christian Pacaud
Holy Judgement Final Destination PriZm
Summoning of Spirits Fighting of the Spirit Rexy


  Track: Source: ReMixed by:
No Better Time Than Now This Isn't the Time Nutritious, poolgirl
Standing Up To be Fearless The Joker
  Go the Distance I'll Go Sixto Sounds